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E-Mail Defense Service

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Stop spam and viruses before they even reach your mail server.

With over 90% of today's worldwide E-mail traffic identified as spam and malware, it takes a tremendous amount of time, expense and expertise to stem the tide of unwanted mail flowing into your mail server.

Our E-mail Defense service scans all of your inbound mail for viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and other malware, as well as identifies messages as potential spam. In addition, we provide a mail spooling service that will store inbound mail for up to 3 days in the event that your primary mail server is unavailable.

Spam / Virus Filtering for E-mail Servers

Let our time tested spam and virus filtering system go to work for you. There is nothing to install or configure - our system works with any mail server platform.

  • Available for both on-premise E-mail servers and E-mail servers hosted in a TulsaConnect Data Center
  • Compatible with any E-mail server platform, including Microsoft Exchange
  • Multi-layered filtering ensures high accuracy with a low false positive rate
  • Per-domain white/blacklists
  • Callbacks used for valid recipient verification at SMTP time
  • Multiple anti-virus scanners used on each message
  • Provides backup mail spooling in the event that your mail server is unreachable